Summer School: Biological and Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste

Napoli, Italy, 2-6 May 2011



Inceneritore di AcerraThe present summer school will focus on the status and trends for the treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Europe and all over the world. Particular attention will be given to biological and thermal processes and their suitability to generate energy from MSW.
The application of biological systems other than landfills for the treatment of organic solid wastes is wide spreading all over the world due to their economical advantages over thermal treatments. Among biological treatments both aerobic and anaerobic processes will be assessed during the summer school. The best available procedures to optimize the design, operation and process control of treatment plants will be discussed, analyzing the criteria to maximize the plant performances both in terms of cost effectiveness and treatment efficiency.

Trattamento biologico

Thermal processes are more expensive than biological ones as very high temperatures have to be reached. However, biological systems can only be used for the treatment of the MSW biodegradable fraction, whereas thermal plants are suitable to treat various MSW fractions. Advanced thermal processes (i.e. gasification and pyrolisis) will be presented and discussed, as well as the most recent research results and developments on the reduction of thermal treatment missions and residues (e.g. ultrafine and nanoparticles, dioxins, furans, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, fly ash and bottom ash).