Laboratory for road safety



Learning outcomes:

The course provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge to assess road safety by innovative methods and tools. Special emphasis is given to the virtual safety analysis of both road infrastructures and automated / autonomous vehicles.



  • Introduction to Road Safetys
    • Fundamentals
    • Road crashes: definitions, classification, statistics
    • Surrogate measures of safety
    • Human factors for road systems
    • Safety impacts of driver assistance systems and cooperative driving systems
  • Introduction to Road Infrastructure Safety Management
    • Road network screening
    • Diagnosis and selection of countermeasures
    • Road safety inspection
    • Road safety audit
  • Advanced Virtual Road Safety Analysis
    • Concepts, advantages, classifications, and applications
    • Design of driving simulator experiments
    • Data analysis
  • Lab activities
    • Safety analysis of road infrastructures in driving simulation environment: 3D roads modeling, scenario authoring, testing with driving simulator, data collection and analysis. 
    • Analysis of road safety impacts of an automated/autonomous vehicle (AV) using a driving simulator: model and implement in simulation of the AV, worst-case scenarios definition and reproduction, testing with driving simulator, data collection and analysis.


Teaching method: Frontal lectures, in-class exercises, workshops, lab activities


Teaching material:

Slides, lecture notes, technical papers. Textbooks:

AASHTO (2010). Highway Safety Manual, First Edition.

Lord D., Washington S., Montella A. et al. (2018). Safe Mobility: Challenges, Methodology and Solutions. Emeralds. 

Hichem A., Lamri N. (2013). Driving Simulation. Wiley-ISTE.


Examination procedures: 

The final examination consists of an oral exam covering the theoretical and technical aspects described within the course together with the discussion of design exercises and team projects.

Hours of frontal lessons: 16

Hours for applications: 40

Prerequisites: none

CFU: 6

Year: I-II

Semester: II

Examination procedures: 
Only spoken

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